Meet the Founder


Jennifer V. Hart, MA, RYT

Jennifer V. Hart, the founder of Soul.Yoga. Philly is a mother, daughter, sister, friend,  domestic abuse survivor, yogini, plant enthusiast, spiritualist and a consistent "nerd."

She started the practice of yoga over 8 years ago while carrying her first child and found relief, both mental and physical through the yoga practice. 

She has an educational background in Clinical Counseling, Medicinal Plant Studies, Spirituality and Religions, Energy Therapies, and Trauma with Somatic Studies. 

Jennifer Hart is a pre-licensed psychotherapist in the state of Pennsylvania and is currently under clinical supervision. 

When she is not spending time with family and friends, you can find her on nature walks, running 5k's....or eating snacks! :) 

While owning and operating SYP she is also a practicing psychotherapist, and yoga instructor for the SYP family. 

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