Allure and Align

Allure and Align

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Serving size: estimated 5 cups


This organic herbal deal is aromatic, wonderful and deeply earthy. It is mild enough to drink daily and potent enough to help during flu and cold season. The tea is a grounding, and lovingly crafted for the feminine energy seekers. This tea blend has organic dandelion, organic nettle leaf, organiz lemon balm, organic mugwort, organic sage and organic elderberry. 


To succesfully brew, fill one teaspoon and fill with the inclosed tea bag, or use a personal mesh basket, and bring water to a boil. Pour the boiling water over the tea and allow to seep for 3-5 minutes. 



St Johns Wort is not to be used during phototherapy. Consult a qualified health practioner if taking medications or if your are pregnant to exercise caution in regards to self care. This tea is not created to cure illness or ailments. 


Size: Each packet includes sample tea bags and 5 teaspoons of loose leaf tea. All of our teas are organic and crafted by hand by SYP owner, Jennifer Hart. 

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